John P. Tiefenbacher

Texas State University

Dr. John P. Tiefenbacher, Ph.D., is a Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies at Texas State University. His research has focused on various aspects of hazards and environmental management. Dr. Tiefenbacher has published on a diverse array of topics that examine perception and behaviors with regards to the application of pesticides, releases of toxic chemicals, environments of the US–Mexico borderlands, wildlife hazards, and the geography of wine. More recently his work pertains to adaptation to climate change, spatial responses of wine growing to climate change, the geographies of viticulture and wine, artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict patterns of natural processes, and disability as vulnerability to global warming-induced hazards in the Arctic.

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Environmental Management - Pollution, Habitat, Ecology, and Sustainability includes sixteen chapters that discuss pressing environmental issues in diverse locations around the world. Chapters discuss methods, technologies, analyses, and actions that may enlighten and enable decision-makers and managers in their quests for control of environmental problems. The authors present the facts and the challenges behind the assorted issues and offer new perspectives for contending with natural, social, economic, and political aspects of management.

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